About Us

We work hard on your electrical systems so that you don’t have to worry about them.

K.P.C. Power Electrical Ltd. is a privately owned Canadian company. We are an integrated ‘High-Voltage’ service contractor specializing in maintenance, construction and retrofit services for all types of electrical substations.

We are dedicated to improving the reliability of your power systems, while limiting interruptions. Our work focuses primarily on the Utility, Industry and Institutional sectors, industries where stability and reliability of power is extremely critical.


When you work with K.P.C. Power, you work with a versatile team with a rich background of power system education and experience. We provide a full service approach to High-Voltage Power-Systems for the Utility, Institutional and Industrial sector.

Our technicians are enthusiastic about solving problems. We aren’t the types to back away from an intricate or complex challenge. Constantly motivated by a desire to deliver the highest quality of work possible, we won’t be satisfied until you are.

Drawing from a deep pool of knowledge, our team has worked on projects to properly diagnose unforeseen circumstances, test existing conditions and make lasting improvements to improve the reliability and safety of many power systems.


We are known as a reliable and flexible contractor, and we are extremely proud to have gained sound relations with our established clients through dedicated and responsive service.

We rely upon our team of highly-skilled industry experts to achieve all objectives. We approach projects with commitment and integrity, combined with the versatility to conquer any unanticipated obstacles.


A company that isn’t trying to get ahead will quickly be left behind. K.P.C. Power puts a high price on progressive solutions that work in the modern world. We take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and capabilities to improve processes, cut costs and achieve all objectives.


At K.P.C. Power, we prioritize a safe and effective workplace. We believe that sustainable growth for a business is only possible by ensuring that customers are satisfied. This is our chief goal and motivation behind all of our business