Health and Safety

At K.P.C. Power, safety comes first and foremost.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, our customers’ employees and the public. We back this commitment up with daily adherence to a training program to prevent accidents.


We recognize that we work in a potentially dangerous industry. A typical working day may present a variety of risks that, if left unidentified, could lead to severe injury or death. Recognizing and taking ownership of the safety and wellbeing of the workers on the job site is the first step to an incident-free workplace.

It is our firm belief that every accident is preventable when all employees conduct their tasks with attentiveness, and due diligence to all recommended safety regulations. Our attention to the details puts us head and shoulders above the competition.


An effective safety program is not “automatic”. It requires dedication and commitment. On the job-site, we conduct extensive tailboard meetings so that everyone understands the specific risks associated with the specific job. In addition, each employee is given the necessary knowledge and preparation through I.H.S.A. training so that they can be proactive in addressing safety concerns. By being made aware of potential risks and dangers, our workers can report situations in advance and nullify issues before they escalate.

K.P.C. Power strongly enforces an internal 'Health and Safety Book', Each employee is also given the latest copy of CSA - Z62 ‘Workplace Electrical Safety’. Attention to the Occupational Health and Safety Act is integrated as part of our daily activities, keeping accident prevention top of mind for all our technicians.

By taking an approach where safety is the primary concern right from the beginning of the day, we work together to prevent accidents and ensure our employees return home safely each and every night.