24-Hour Emergency Response

You rely on a constant, reliable flow of power. Unexpected outages interrupts not only the flow of power, but also the flow of business, income and interaction.


Our team works hard to pinpoint potential trouble spots, but preventative maintenance can’t guarantee 100% uptime. If the power shuts off, K.P.C. Power delivers the quick emergency response that you are looking for. Our teams on standby are ready to dispatched at a moment’s notice to minimize the impact of downtime on your business.

We will quickly and efficiency evaluate the severity of the incident. This allows us to communicate the anticipated time required for repairs. Our team will also quickly identify possible safety hazards to prevent an emergency scenario from escalating.


Whether the incident was caused by an equipment malfunction or by a downed wire, our in-depth understanding of electrical system gets the power running quicker. By referencing existing documentation and running efficient checks, we can localize and rectify problems in a timely manner.