Infrared Scanning and Reporting

Dangerous problems aren’t always visible. Infrared scanning helps you identify breakdowns waiting to happen.

Just because an electrical system looks fine doesn’t mean it is. System overloads or damaged components could be causing excessive heat buildup in your electrical system – a sure sign of danger.

By using modern diagnostic tools to generate infrared imagery, K.P.C. Power Electrical Ltd. can stay on top of the overall health of your electrical systems.


Periodic infrared scans are a valuable preventative measure that identifies potential issues before they escalate. This reduces the time and cost that would be involved in fixing the system after an incident.

Electrical systems can develop problems for a variety of reasons. Whether the cause is the wear and tear of standard operation or the result of improper workmanship, infrared scanning recognizes problems that can’t be found by a visual inspection alone.


Infrared scanning is conducted while the system is in operation, making it a cost-effective solution for troubleshooting.