Substation Maintenance and Commissioning

Electrical substations carry a large responsibility in providing uninterrupted power flow.

Periodic maintenance plays a key role in limiting costly downtime. Our guarantee is that we will use only quality parts to ensure that your substation performs to its optimal capacity.


Over time, a variety of problems can begin to influence the performance and reliability of a substation. If left unchecked, these issues can lead to breakdowns and expensive repairwork. The surest way to avoid the associated costs of fixing or replacing substation infrastructure is to perform regular maintenance.

Detecting potential problems early is key to reducing the cost and difficulty of repairs. The electrical technicians at K.P.C. Power use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to perform evaluations and calibrations, adjusting and cleaning elements of the electrical system as needed. We are also able to identify the inefficient or malfunctioning parts that require replacement and to conduct the repairs on-site.


Information collected during each and every substation maintenance session is carefully documented to give a concise understanding of the health of the high voltage system. These reports can later be reviewed to help recognize long term faults or opportunities for improvement.

Our maintenance technicians will evaluate components of the substation and test for issues such as build up of moisture, acidity and solid particles. These contaminants can have a detrimental impact on the operation of electrical infrastructure.

All work is conducted with safety as the top priority. Regularly conducting training programs keep our workers aware how to avoid or respond to emergency situations.